National Branches

London Tigers

“Despite focusing the vast majority of our work in London, over the years London Tigers’ excellent reputation has spread across the country and following a number of requests from local community members in other parts the UK, London Tigers is opening affiliated subsidiary organisations in several other major towns and cities; Birmingham Tigers and Oldham Tigers have already been formed and are active, with other areas to follow.

We aim to utilise our considerable experience and implement our successful engagement and delivery methodologies in these areas. Our links with national organisations will allow us to take a strategic overview of the issues and develop appropriate delivery plans and our existing networks with local people will compliment this with grassroots knowledge to ensure that strategic planning is undertaken with a bottom-up approach.

The key to our success at a national level will be our understanding of local issues at a neighbourhood level and to facilitate this we have taken an approach to our expansion that allows local people to manage their local organisation with a high level of autonomy, but safe in the knowledge that London Tigers as the parent charity is there to offer support, advice and guidance. In this particular regard, London Tigers will be taking on a second-tier role with the subsidiary Tigers organisations and their local partners, providing capacity building support and assistance, supporting implementation of good governance and best practice and helping them create partnerships with key stakeholders at local, regional and national levels.

The development of our social enterprises and the national expansion of our work are key stepping milestones on the journey to achieving our vision of “a world where every individual has the opportunity to fulfil their dreams”.