Birmingham Tigers Semi-pro Football Project

The Beginning 

Birmingham Tigers FC was formed in 2008 and played in the Central Warwickshire U16s League in Sepetember 2009. The team was formed to support young people living in the most deprived wards in Birmingham by engaging the youth in positive activities such as our structured league football project.  Keeping Young People safe and off the streets avoiding gang culture, anti-social behaviour and petty crime. The Project was a Huge Success thanks to the dedicated Volunteers Time and Commitment to the club. During this period the Club had a number of  Junior teams (U10,U12,U14) playing in the Sandwell Minors League. Children who had never had an opportunity to play in a football league before as their deprived wards did not offer such organised activities.

After playing their last season in the Central & Warwickshire U18 League. The Club ventured into Amateaur Adult football playing in the South Birmingham League and Birmingam AFA league with other teams playing in the Shapla League and Birmingham Communites League. Each year the club grew from strength to strength and the club became an FA Chartered Club. Currently the first team plays in the Birmingham AFA Division 3 after subsequently being promoted consecutively in the past 2 years of particpating in the League.



One of the other reasons why Birmingham Tigers FC was formed was  aslo to provide a platfom for talented young individuals to be scouted and move on to bigger clubs were there was the possibility of  playing as a paid Semi-Pro Footballer. We found many Young People were talented but were not given the opportunity to succeed any further due to a number of reasons including lack of support from family, finance, lack of training and facilities etc and stayed in the amateaur level of the sport. To address this we launched a new exciting community project called Birmingham Tigers Semi-Pro Football Club Project in 2014, which involves transforming a group of  talented Young People from playing Amateur Football into playing a Semi Professional (Semi-Pro) standard and beyond.

The club was encouraged with the success of their head branch London Tigers FC who are currently playing in the Spartan League, which is Step 5 of the FA National League System and are participating in the prestigious FA Cup Rounds. The dreams of these young people is to be given an equal opportunity to represent their City and their wards to be given the platform to complete at the highest level.


The Future

In the 2017/2018 season the club hopes to raise enough funds with the support of Supporters of the Club, Sponsors, Supporting Businesses, Individual Donors, Council etc who recognise the effort and hardwork that has gone in to the team to get to where it is today and to proppel it further into reaching its dreams and ambitions into entering and sustaining itself in the Midlands Football League (MFL), a league which is recognized by the FA and a feeder league to play Semi-Pro Football and a stepping stone to Professional Football. The Club is looking to enter the Semi-Pro league in the 2017/2018 football season, with fixtures starting in August 2018, if Sponsors are secured by May 2018.