The Beginning of the Journey

In 2010, the Tigers set up their Head Quarters at the Birmingham International Futsal Arena based in Newtown, Birmingham. The organisation was new to futsal, a 5 aside indoor FIFA recognised football variant, originating from the South American Continent. At first it started as a good way to continue to play football over the winter months were snow, heavy rain kept cancelling many outdoor grass fixtures. Then soon after, starting a few community sessions the sport started to grow in popularity and develop into an expanding, exciting, entertaining and competitive sport, in the UK. To find out more about Futsal please click the links below: and to watch game please visit the FA YouTube Channels and the FA TV.


Birmingham Tigers set up a Steering Committee in 2010, with Local Young people in the inner city of Birmingham at the Birmingham Futsal Arena. They told us, with the launch of the New Birmingham Indoor Futsal Arena, in Newtown. They ALL loved playing this new found Sport of Futsal. It kept them off the streets, away from street gangs, drugs and local Crime. It gave them a positive activity to focus their energy and efforts on and at the same time, it kept them physically fit and healthy. However as they were Young, they were also hungry to Win titles and compete against the best Futsal Clubs at the National Standard.


Futsal is a 5 aside football game which is usually played indoors, on different types of surfaces. The Goals are like Hockey Size goals and the ball is a Size 4 reduced bounce. Players are allowed to enter the penalty area, play ball over head height. The games are 20 minutes each half, they are played to a stopping clock with Time-Out also being allowed.  The sport is recognised on the National, European and International stage. Governing bodies such FIFA, UEFA and the FA regulate this sport, which has been originally developed from South American countries such as Uruguay and Brazil. There is a FIFA Futsal World Cup, UEFA Futsal Cup and FA Futsal Cup.

Winners of the Local League and Cup and entry into the FA Futsal Cup

The organisation started competing at the local level and started winning All local tournaments and leagues. In 2014 the club competed in the prestigious Futsal FA Cup beating all local competition through in the preliminary heats.

In 2015/2016 season the club was accepted into the FA National Futsal League and renamed ‘Atletico Birmingham Futsal Club’. A name chosen by the Players to demonstrate their flare, skills, temp, youthfulness and style of play. The club was renamed because an existing FA National Futsal League club had the organisations, original name.

Similar to the semi-pro football club project, the vision, passion goal and ambitions started appearing over the horizon ie local talented youngsters living in deprived wards of Birmingham being given the equal opportunity to compete at the highest level of the game. Atletico is now participating in their first season in the FA National Futsal League. Further information can be found on the following link:;jsessionid=56657C263BCD78E1F58921AEB3240A70?teamID=566353608&divisionseason=298232945.


Through the establishment of this project it has allowed local inner city youth from deprived communities in Birmingham the opportunity to participate in a competitive higher level of sport and play against Professional Futsal clubs from across the Midlands and UK, with an opportunity participate in the prestigious Futsal FA Cup. The Vision and dream of this project is for the club to become the UK Futsal Champions; represent England in the UEFA Futsal Championships and Win the UK Futsal FA Cup.


‘Atletico Birmingham Futsal Club’ was launched later in 2010, with No Funding. This Community Project was run through the Hard Work, Dedication and Passion of the Tigers Volunteers. After 5 years of graft, including Winning Consecutive local Futsal Leagues, Cups and Tournaments, it all paid off as the Club entered FA National Futsal League in Division 2 of the Midlands Futsal League in 2015/2016 season.


Atletico Birmingham Futsal Club is very ambitious, they have a very talented Young group of individuals, representing the Club. The plans for the club in the next 5 Years, is to become the UK Futsal Champion’s, WIN the Futsal FA Cup and represent England in the UEFA Futsal Cup, competing against the likes of Barcelona Futsal Club. The Club also hopes to work closely with England Futsal Club in order for some of the most talented Players of the Club to be scouted and represent their Country, England in the FIFA Futsal World Cup.

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